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crafted by hand, lovingly aged and polished


At Charles Lowe & Sons we produce outstanding oak floors, looking and feeling like beautiful and faithfully cared-for originals. Fully compatible with 21st century life, and comforts like under-floor heating, but with none of the extra work, research, uncertainties and fitting costs associated with reclaimed flooring.


Hand Planeing

No one hand planes oak flooring the way we do.

The razor-sharp plane in skilled hands slices the timber incredibly finely and cleanly, removing the unwanted factory-flat deadness, and producing a surface that is silky and organic, alive with iridescence and inimitable in any other way.

The craftsman can “read” the grain pattern, touch and feel his way along every board, he trusts his instincts, and guides the tool how the oak itself suggests. It’s an art passed down through seven generations and a long long history of fine English cabinet making and antique restoration.


Sharpening the Plane Iron

The artisan is only as good as his tools, caring for them is a large and vital part of his expertise. Throughout the day the plane is regularly dismantled, the iron is precisely ground by eye, and finely honed on a leather strop until it is sharp enough to remove hairs from the back of the hand. The plane is then reassembled, set up and intricately tuned until it will glide over the surface of the timber, ejecting a plume of translucent shavings with a satisfying hiss.


Spoke Shaving

To help emphasize the superb width of each board the edges are eased with a spoke shave, again by hand, leaving an uneven and slightly broken edge.



Distressing & Ageing

Using special tools and techniques handed down by word of mouth through generations of craftsmen, the timber is aged and carefully distressed to simulate the passing of millions of feet and  years of wear and care.


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Hand finishing & Polishing

The prepared boards then go through a series of stages, our unique blend of earth pigments, oils and waxes are allowed to absorb, then are laboriously rubbed in and buffed to a mellow, welcoming glow.


This is the rich, deep, patina that is the inimitable hallmark of all our work.


We reveal and accentuate the hidden beauty lying within the noble oak tree, revealing the fullest natural beauty within. Hard work and labor elegantly replicates the time-honored, cared-for character of vintage oak boards. they will be completely at home in your property, as if they had always been there, like a beautiful original.


This is true character

born of nature

perfected in confident, trusted, and deeply understanding hands.