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Individuality is the only true luxury  


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Tradition never felt so modern

At Charles Lowe & Sons we produce luxury oak flooring, handcrafted to reproduce the unique mellow character of antique oak floorboards, with all their subtle imperfections. This doesn’t however make us random or imprecise.  Every batch of real oak is sourced with fastidiousness and every project is meticulously measured by craftsmen who genuinely care about every millimetre. There’s none of the gaps, extra work, research, uncertainties and fitting costs associated with reclaimed wood floors. Our high end oak flooring is fully compatible with modern life and comforts like underfloor heating. This is tradition made to fit the 21st century.  




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Generations in the making 

We are a family business with a long history of cabinet making, furniture restoration and carpentry. With skills passed down from father to son, we have honed the craft of reproducing vintage oak flooring, with all its silky organic richness and patina of age. Ours is a personal touch. Every board is planed, oiled and waxed with our own hands. We are the ones who pick up the phone, who’ll pay you a visit, discuss your project. 

A business simply couldn’t be more hands on.