The year 1825...


...Charles Dickins is still in school, Georg Ohm is still trying to fathom his electrical law, the world has never seen a photograph, and it will take 16 weeks journeying by wind power alone, to travel to the distant continent of Nova Hollandia, which is just officially adopting a new name – 'Australia'.

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On May the 9th a wedding took place in the Parish Church, Church Gate, Loughborough, the Groom was duly recorded as a joiner by trade.

As our founder stepped from the church with his young bride, he could scarcely imagine that just across the road from where he was standing, his little business would still be thriving, almost two hundred years, and seven generations later.


Charles was a highly principled man, born to strict Methodist farmers. He leant young the attributes of good hard work, compassion, gratitude and respect toward mankind, and an innate desire to do things the ‘proper’ way.

Many years have passed, but these principles have endured, through two world wars, the great depression and the G.F.C, the firm provided housing for workers and refugees in both wars, and refused to lay off a single worker during these hard times.

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From early age Charles showed great interest in antiques, starting to buy and sell them by his mid-teens, his enthusiasm saw young Charles rapidly progress his knowledge and skills in furnishings and antiques, he soon become a well-known character locally and an authority within the trade.

Charles continually expanded the products and services offered, and was able to amass an excellent workforce, win some fantastic contracts, and purchase the current premises.