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Interior Colour Trends in 2019

We ask which Interior colour palettes will be in fashion beyond the New Year, with a close look at tiling styles. When choosing your engineered oak flooring, the surrounding colours and patterns will have relevance to the overall impact of your room. In this feature on colour and tiling trends, we collaborate with Artisans of Devizes.

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A Renewed Love of Parquet de Versailles

As a flooring style, parquet de Versailles is currently enjoying a resurgence of interest. these special oak floors impart a wonderfully lively texture and detail, contrast and geometry, creating a classical and sumptuous sense of elegant luxury in any room. At Charles Lowe & Sons we enjoy commissions for these types of engineered floors, they exude quality, bring out true artistry in oak flooring, and lend any residence timeless appeal.

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