Sandringham - bistre


Bistre, a deep nutty brown-black is our darkest finish. Made by boiling the soot of charred Beechwood the pigment bistre has been used since medieval times. Artists would use bistre as the ink for their drawings and watercolours before modern paints. These dense, dark, sooty oak floorboards contrast well with brilliant white and polished chrome, and makes a striking statement in contemporary interiors.




Sandringham Bistre

Price & Specifications


engineered boards

Product Name:Sandringham Bistre
Retail Price:£99.28 + V.A.T. per meter2
Finish:Hand worked detail, distressed and aged, Hard Wax Oiled
Edge Profile:Hand spoke shaved, Tongue and grooved, end matched
Composition:Engineered - 6mm Oak over 14mm Birch ply, Moisture Resistant
Board Face width:180mm
Board length:600mm – 2400mm (75% 2000mm +)
Weight:14Kg per meter2
Oak Species:Quercus Robur
Birch Species:Betula