Sandringham - Pewter

Pewter: This mid-tone, gritty, muted, Bronze-Grey derives its name from the iridescent, smoky oxidisation effect seen on old burnished pewter.  Using secret ageing processes our polishers carefully darken the medullary rays that are usually bright in new oak, but slowly darken over the passing of time.  Pewter is the perfect answer for anyone working from a cool, monochrome palette.


This short video demonstrates the surface texture of Sandringham Pewter


 Sandringham Pewter Price & Specifications


engineered boards

Product Name:Sandringham Pewter
Retail Price:£99.28 + V.A.T. per meter2
Finish:Hand worked detail, distressed and aged, Hard Wax Oiled
Edge Profile:Hand spoke shaved, Tongue and grooved, end matched
Composition:Engineered - 6mm Oak over 14mm Birch ply, Moisture Resistant
Board Face width:180mm
Board length:600mm – 2400mm (75% 2000mm +)
Weight:14Kg per meter2
Oak Species:Quercus Robur
Birch Species:Betula